Graffiti Removal


Mobile Dustless Sandblasting Graffiti  Removal Is Efficient Reliable Exceptional With Woody's Blast & Paint

Graffiti Removal is Fast with Woody's Blast & Paint in Perth Western Australia.

Graffiti Removal, is the separation of the layer of paint from a surface area.
We can remove all Graffiti from Bricks and Concrete Walls, Wood and many other sensitive surfaces.

During the process of graffiti removal, molecules of an active ingredient are blasted against the paint causing swelling and in turn internal strains as the paint layer’s weakens, the paint starts to strip away.
Woody's takes extra precautions with graffiti removal to ensure an environmentally safe process is followed and has become the preferred choice in Perth for graffiti removal without destroying the original surface or leaving the airborne residue that affects the environment.
We cover all surfaces to prevent dust & confine all graffiti removal to a restricted work area where all debris can be bagged and taken away.
One of the main purposes of removing graffiti from a surface is to prepare the surfaces for further treatment and restoration.
We can also apply anti graffiti paints which protect your freshly blasted surfaces from that ugly graffiti. 

Our graffiti removal service is available to Governments, Councils, Commercial Building Owners, Business Owners, and Home Owners.