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Abrasive Blasting in Perth

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The harsh climate of Perth and its location close to the ocean can make metal objects rust, ruining the good look and finish of your favorite and beloved car, motorcycle or pretty much anything made of steel and this is where sand blasting can help.
Sandblasting is a powerful way to remove paint from virtually any surface. With a sandblaster, paint, rust and primer is stripped clean, leaving a bare, metal surface that is ready for a coat of primer. There are many media types available. Some are good for blasting body panels, some engine parts, rims, and small surface areas. Each of these media types have a different hardness and will react with metal differently including: causing heat and actually embedding in the metal.  For this reason we use wide range of sandblasting medias. After much research and many trials, we know exactly the results using a wide range of different sandblasting medias provided and with the help of our automotive sandblasting specialists we will have your project looking like new in no time.